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First, Alhamdulillah…all praise is to Allah, the Almighty, and the Benevolent for his blessings and guidance for giving us the inspiration to write. Many people have thinking that EXAM is a simple thing, but actually without the preparation we might be lost of information in the examination day. So, I would like to share some tips for examination preparation.
Exam study
When the EXAM is announced:

*Prepare summary sheets for large amounts of lecture and textbook note.

*Spent several nights before an exam making a final review notes (but do not making the whole notes for the last minutes preparation).

*Stress the following areas in your review:

1. Points emphasized in class or in the text.
2. Areas the professor/lecturer/teachers have advised for study.
3. Questions in study guides, past quizzes, and reviews at the end of textbook chapters.

Preparation by type of exam

*Objective exams: Study as if it were an essay exam.

*Stress specifics:
1.Definitions of key terms and examples.
2. Lists of items.
3. For True/False, write some false statements.

*Essay exams:
1. Stress concepts.
2. List probable questions.
3. Prepare a good outline answer and practice it.

*Problem exams:
1. Memorize formulas if needed.
2. Practice problems

* The Spiritual Preparation:

*For the Muslim, they should pray to Allah to build up the relation with Allah; to be more confident and ask for forgiveness because we don’t know maybe some of the sin that we have done will be affected for the EXAM.

*We need to ask for forgiveness to our parents and ask for the prayer for success.
THEN WILL BE THE CHEERFUL FACE FOR “Dare to change for success”. It is not enough for just aiming it, but you must release it so that it can.
Hope this will give some input to all reader.

Wassalam.. All the good things is come from Allah, and all the weakness are from me as the human being.Hope we will get better improvement in what whatever we done for the future.Ameen..


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