Dear Miserable....

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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Alhamdulillah...thanks a lot to Allah for the pleasures of life,now is 2.54 am but i could'nt sleep. Because of what?? I have a lot of work to do and automatically set in the brain "do not sleep", so i could'nt sleep. Huhuhu...A lot of work to do. Feel dizzy which one should i do first. Seems like i will apply the knowledge that i have learn today on the Organizational Behavior subject. It is actually about the Managing Interpersonal Conflict and Negotiation. In organization they have four primary levels of conflict that may occurred. Intrapersonal (which is within an individual), interpersonal (between individuals), intragroup (within a group), and the last one is Intergroup (between groups). actually all the levels are often interrelated. so I'm in the second category. That internal conflict. Where do I have to choose between two or more alternatives that should have a positive outcome. I am the category of person who are cannot survive the pressure all by myself. I would feel depressed. so now I think the degree of stress become high.A lot of work and there are people who push the work to be completed as soon as possible.That is good if there are people who remind me always be aware as of late for completing the task, but to hard of push other person not a good way, we work together, so we need to consider may be our group members are having another problem. So that is another conflict that i need to face...which is others do not understand our condition it's hard for me to accept but that is the life cycle. Some people might not have the sense of "putting ourselves in others shoes " even though there are a lot of commitment and work comes together, people might not know about our personal conflict, so we just need a time to relax, and be positive...only by asking Allah to calm the heart and making a good arrangement of our life that would calm the heart.We can't expect the people to understand. We need to help our own self. So i must to find solutions quickly. Hope that I can complete all tasks properly and also to keep Muslim titled in the best way , hopefully I can keep myself to being a good person of completing any task given to me InsyaAllah.Hope the guidance from Allah ..there is no other solution except the remembrance of Allah.InsyaAllah,I will find the way ... Just to share my feelings right now...that i hope Allah will help and guide me InsyaAllah...too many task is to test my patience actually....I am only the slave, they are also the slaves of Allah they might not understand, but Allah will always understand us...Allah is close to our hearts..

P/S: Sorry if the sentence not very good , i am still in the learning process. But at least Allah knows that i have try my best.


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